Care Home Week 18: Anne’s Story

As part of today's Human Rights celebrations to mark the second day of Care Home Week 2018, we're delighted to share a real example of human rights in practice in a Fife care home.

Anne's story, told by care home manager Sam Boyd, demonstrates how human rights are about the daily prioritising of choice, control, participation and dignity in supporting care home residents to live fulfilling lives.

Anne is 71 and has been a resident at Elizabeth House for the past year.

She has always been outgoing and enjoys living as independently as possible.

Staff and management have worked closely with Anne over a number of months to develop a lifestyle that suits her whilst maintaining her safety and dignity.

Anne is an active participant in the home's activities and has taken specific responsibility for certain tasks such as changing notice boards in the home.

More recently Anne has added to her responsibilities by accompanying our day care staff each afternoon on our mini bus to take our day care clients home.  She ensures that everyone is accounted for and not only relishes the responsibility but enjoys the company of our day care clients and staff.

After a careful risk assessment process, which included several trials, Anne now arranges her own transport to take her shopping once or twice a week. These trips can last from an hour to an entire afternoon.

Later this month Anne is going to see a tribute show of her favourite band, The Rolling Stones.

Anne feels her life has been considerably enhanced by taking this person-centred approach and she looks forward to even more varied and stimulating times in the future.




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