Care Home Week 18: Engagement Blog from Swaran Rakhra

“Ring a ring a roses, a pocket full of poses, a tishoo a tishoo; we all fall down”

Looking back at our childhood days, we remember this wee rhyme as something we sang and played as children at playtime. The meaning of it as innocents we did not have a clue about as was all about the plague in the 16th Century where many died! The symbolism escaped me as we all held each other’s hands and went round and round supporting each other till we fell down!

It’s a wee bit (dare I say) like that in the social care sector, where we must hold onto each other and engage with the challenges facing each service.  Be focused, sometimes losing our orientation as we spin around the circle, spinning and balancing our regulatory responsibilities, trying to cope with the challenges of funding.  Good communication, understanding of issues, fighting for equality and remaining compassionate throughout as we wish reciprocity from partners such as commissioners. Yet we hold onto each other, encouraging each other, engaging with each other, so we don’t fall down.

Caring is not easy, it’s not a game, it’s serious, it’s something that must be valued by everyone who partners in the process. And there’s no reneging, as we together must stand united as we spin around with our focus on those we care for at the centre. So fellow providers of quality care within Scotland, let’s stand firm under the massive challenges we are facing, and start looking outwards turning challenges into opportunities facing us as we go forward together holding each other up, and when someone stumbles, be there with a hand of compassion and love. United we stand, divided we fall!


Swaran Rakhra

Membership Support Manager, Scottish Care 




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