Care Home Week 18: Adapt to Physical Activity

The Care Inspectorate (commissioned by the Scottish Government) leads the ‘Care…about physical activity (CAPA) improvement programme’. Working with eight partnerships across Scotland, the programme will run until October 2018 and the CAPA team will build on the skills, knowledge and confidence of social care staff to enable those they care for to increase their levels of physical activity and move more often. Organiser hope that social care staff will also discover ways to be more active themselves. 

Developing and spreading work to improve physical activity participation in these care services through the CAPA improvement programme supports the Scottish Government’s 2020 vision of maintaining people in their own home or in a homely environment, prevention of ill health and admission to hospital and supporting self management.

Taking on the learning from CAPA can be hugely beneficial for care home residents but doing so is a process of adaptation for many. After seeing the tremendous advantages of moving more often, below we hear more about how to embed CAPA outcomes when the programme concludes this autumn.


Maintaining and sustaining improvements key to CAPA legacy

In this film clip Louise Kelly, Improvement Manager talks about sustainability, how important it is for older people to feel fitter and healthier and to be able to move more every day and what we all need to do to make sure this happens. 

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