Care Home Week 17: guest blog from Anne-Marie McKeich on North Merchiston films

North Merchiston Films

North Merchiston Care Home was privileged to be asked to be the host for Duncan’s project. A BAFTA Award winning film maker in their midst – wow!!!

The staff were excited that some of the residents would be able to tell their stories, and showcase care homes in a positive light, as the press surrounding care homes is often very negative.

There were a few reservations from the staff: would there be any residents able and willing to tell their stories on camera?  Would this upset the day-to-day running of the home? After all, it is the residents’ home.

There was no need to worry though.  Residents were more than willing to become involved and share their stories with Duncan and as you can see from the films, thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The benefits far exceeded our expectations; we found out more about our residents and their past lives and it was a reminder to all care staff that the residents they care for are like them, with hopes, dreams and plans….

Duncan was a gentleman; he was sensitive to the needs of the residents and the day to day workings within the care home.  He was able to bring out the best in the residents as you can see in the films.

At the initial screening for the residents, their families and the staff, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house by the end.

The films have been shown at Four Seasons Health Care conferences, Awards ceremonies and the Scottish Care Conference.  They have been uploaded to the home’s website and Four Seasons Healthcare Facebook site and used to highlight to staff that their residents were and are people with histories, and to learn about that will enhance how they care for them.

I would definitely be willing to participate again in a project like this and would encourage other care homes to do so also.


Anne-Marie McKeich

Regional Manager, Four Seasons Health Care



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