Care Home Conference : A Focus on the Insight Sessions – Infection Prevention is My Business

Insight Session:Infection Prevention is My Business

Facilitator : Healthcare Associated Infections & Infection Control (NHS Education for Scotland)

Infection Prevention and Control is considered everybody’s business.

However, if it’s everybody’s business, then it’s definitely somebody’s business, and anybody can do it so why sometimes does it feel like it’s nobody’s business. NHS Education for Scotland (NES) with support from the Scottish Government developed an education DVD on all you need to know on preventing and controlling infection in all care settings including care homes, home environments, adult residential and care services.

To support the implementation of the DVD/CD-Rom in Care Homes, NES organised “train the trainer” programmes with over 60 representatives from care homes throughout Scotland. This workshop will explore how NES can support your care home in preventing infection, it will also provide the opportunity to shared good practice and discuss how to embed infection prevention as your business.

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