Care Home Conference 2021 – Insight Sessions


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Care Chrysalis: An emerging future – Insight Sessions

Dementia and human rights: Restoring relationships, living grief, moving forward

Ray Fallan – Network & Growth Officer, tide – together in dementia everyday 

This session will cover restoring relationships between families, residents and managers of care homes, the recognition and validation of living grief and moving forward to positive relationships within the care home sector for all in the future as we emerge from the pandemic.  

Workforce: Leading with care, compassion & connection

Caroline Deane – Workforce Policy & Practice Lead, Scottish Care

Jess Alexander – Learning & Development Manager, SSSC

Julie Gracie – Council Member, SSSC

Workforce Matters and SSSC are keen to explore the many leadership qualities inherent in social care workers – such as compassion, person centredness and commitment. All of which have undoubtedly helped them survive in their role over the last two extremely challenging years.   

This session will focus on exploring: 

  • the importance of self-care and compassion,  
  • how to pay attention to our own wellbeing and resilience, and; 
  • enable staff to connect with others from across a range of organisations – sharing insights, learning and support for one another  

Technology and Data: The role of technology & robotics in care

Dr Mauro Dragone – The National Robotarium, Heriot-Watt University & The University of Edinburgh 

Rachel McLauchlan & Janice McGhie – Alzheimer Scotland Digital Team  

 Nicola Cooper – Technology & Digital Innovation Lead, Scottish Care 

This is a ‘hands-on’ interactive session, demonstrating how technology at both ends of the spectrum can enhance care delivery, from off-the-shelf consumer technology to cutting edge robotics. 

Care home nursing: changing the narrative

Dr Jane Douglas – Transforming Workforce Lead, Scottish Care 

Exploring the experiences of Registered Nurses who have chosen to work in an independent social care setting to change the narrative of nursing in these settings, this session will seek to: 

  • define the role of nursing in social care 
  • help improve the image of nursing in social care 
  • help promote the value of the nursing role in social care 

Using the themes identified through a series of interviews with nurses and nurse managers who work in social care, we will identify together a clear definition that clearly articulates what nursing in social care means. 

Business and finance focus

Market under the microscope – data and discussion 

Amanda Nurse – Co-founder, Carterwood 

Tom Hartley – Managing Director, Carterwood 

This session will explore the key trends in Scotland’s elderly care home market as we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Covering topics such as occupancy recovery, fees, supply/demand, and planning activity, this session will give attendees clarity about where we are now, to inform decision-making about the future.

New working capital – sources and structures 

Ian Marr – Chief Executive, The Growth Partnership 

Financing services will be critical in a challenging operating environment going forward. Ian will outline how Social Impact Investment can provide working capital to ensure medium term funding for high quality services.

Step into the future with Partners for Integration

Cara Gillespie – Independent Sector Lead, Dumfries & Galloway 

Lynn Blair – Independent Sector Lead, Perth & Kinross 

Gosia Duncan – Independent Sector Lead, Aberdeen City 

Join our partners to take a look at three innovative projects from Health & Social Care Partnerships across Scotland, exploring Recruitment & Retention, Psychological Wellbeing and Innovation.

The importance of family

Yvonne Manson – Director of Care & Dementia Services, Abbotsford Care

Alyson Vale – Business & Operations Director, Abbotsford Care 

Sheila Hall – Care Home Relatives Scotland

This session, chaired by Dr Donald Macaskill, will explore the vital relationship between care homes, residents and families especially during the pandemic. It will explore why the Care Home Relatives Scotland group was formed, examples of how providers have supported families and the importance of maintaining meaningful family contact. 

The role of the arts in recovery

Anne Gallacher – Director, Luminate

Lottie Brook – Programme Manager, Luminate 

This session will explore the importance of the arts and creative opportunities in supporting wellbeing, including through the pandemic and what the future holds. 

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