Care Home Celebration Day: activity & wellbeing in all shapes & sizes

It is fantastic to be able to share so many positive examples of providing meaningful activity and enhancing wellbeing in our care homes. Thanks to everyone that has shared their stories so far - keep them coming and let's celebrate care! #carehomecelebration19

Hector House

We have numerous evidence that life doesn’t end when you go into a care home. We believe it’s just a new chapter in life.

We have a gentleman who was a successful ballet dancer and choreographer who has advanced Alzheimers but through hard work and a dedicated staff team as well as the wonderful staff at Scottish Ballet’s Independance, this gentleman is back to dancing several times a week.

We also had a young lady turn 100 years old this year and again thanks to a dedicated staff team we gave her a fantastic memorable day with a visit from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, STV’s Sean Batty and a very meaningful visit from legendary singer Sydney Devine who serenaded her. This was a very community orientated event with children from our local nursery, local pharmacist, district nurse staff and neighbours in attendance.

We recently held a cup cake day to raise money for Alzheimers Scotland and staff ran the Race for Life to raise money for cancer research. The residents at Hector House love to help organise events like this.

This shows that life in a care home is not about sitting staring at 4 walls as a lot of people seem to think.


Renaissance Care

Fearless rally driver

Irene from Whitecraigs recently visited the virtual reality centre at the Gallowgate to take part in a virtual car driving experience.

Safe to say Irene was fearless and ended up coming 16th in the speed round lap with compliments from the staff at the centre.

It’s fabulous and inspiring to see residents living life to the full and having so much fun. It’s clear that there are no barriers to what people can achieve and this is a perfect example of person-centred care. Well done team Whitecraigs.

Bill returns to the golf club

Staff at Jesmond Care Home organised for Bill to visit Murcar Golf club so that he could visit his former playing ground and catch up with his long-time friends.

Bill was Captain at the club for two years between 1994-96. He spent many hours and days at the there, practising and playing rounds, he even won the Anderson trophy and has had a hole in one.

He recently visited the club again and said he had a great time and it brought back some wonderful memories.

What a fantastic way to support Bill and keep him connected with the things and people he has know and loved.


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Integenerational work

Glenburnie has partnered with a local mother and toddler group called Musical Bears.

The session will run monthly in the care home. Residents play musical instruments such as maracas with the children and parents as well as having some social time with the parents and children.

The feedback from the parents was very positive and the resident’s faces were delightful to see.


Physical activity

Glenburnie has created Physical Activity Champions – Tracey Robertson, Angela O’Brien and Kirsten Simpson. These staff have completed courses in Chi Gong, Seated Exercise and encouraged daily walks when the weather is good. For Glenburnie’s efforts Fife Council awarded Glenburnie the Bronze award, next year we are striving for Gold.

Mahri Edgar, Care Home Manager has also secured Glenburnie a place to work in partnership with Life Curve supported by Susan Kelso, Lead AHP at the Scottish Government. There are only ten places in Scotland. This will be an exciting project for staff and residents.


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