Burnfoot lockdown activities

I would like to share with you what we have been doing at our home since we have been in lockdown.

We have Tik Tok Friday’s ,where several staff and residents involved in this by doing either a song or some dances.

We also bought new BBQ and new plants, we have enjoyed a few BBQs out in garden.

We also have Candy cart  with old fashioned sweets and put in paper bags  for residents

And every week we do a Make your own ice-cream Sunday.

Pauline Perratt

Manager – Burnfoot Care Home

We had VE day celebrations in  the garden with a garden party and home made banners by the residents as well as some bought ones.

We then celebrated the nurses day with afternoon tea for our 2 nurses who were on duty with a clap and lots lovely cakes.

Staff carrying out pamper  sessions and staff who have been hairdresser cutting residents hair.

Carrying out themed Sundays , eg make your own kebab, BBQ Sunday and pie and a pint for  this week .