Financial assistance: update from Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank

Good morning,

I thought I should write to you to give a view on the financial provisions that should be available to your membership from funders.

Majority of lenders are taking strategic actions to assist customers in impacted sectors. This may take a variety of forms however I would state that the most straightforward one is to provide capital repayment holidays to providers. This likely to be an initial 3 months but could be requested to be extended. Benefit is an immediate cash boost. We are instigating this now for example.

With regard to covenants there will be consideration given to the appropriate relaxation or waiver of these but likely on a case by case basis.

Government loan scheme also announced however as yet we, the banks, do not have the details of how that will actually work therefore we cannot access it today but hopefully next week we will get more detail.

In respect of individuals the Government has announced measures to assist including mortgage repayment holidays which is widely communicated in the media. Most banks signed up to that clearly.

I would encourage members to speak to their bank, if they have not done so already, even just to open a line of dialogue around CV19 impacts and to ensure that they are aware of what help is available to provide some financial security at this time.

Finally I am aware from several customers that HMRC has been very helpful in allowing deferment of payments for NI etc so again worth an approach directly.

Happy to speak on any of this and provide further updates.


Derek Breingan BA(Acc) MCIBS

Head of Health & Social Care Sector


Covid-19 useful resources



Mother's Day personalised videos - Your Big Day TV

Mothers Day is normally the busiest day in the year for families getting together. Sadly the Coronavirus emergency makes all that impossible this Sunday. Hugs and kisses are right off the agenda. But there is a new way you can stay in touch - by sending one of the special personalised videos Your Big Day has created.  Geared to the date and year your Mum was born or got married (any year between 1917 to 2002), they are ordered online - and delivered online within minutes, for instant viewing on Mum’s mobile or on a care home computer.  Your own personal message (created when you order) appears onscreen at the start of the video.

Staying in touch with older relatives

A BBC article with helpful information on what to consider when using/buying tech to support engagement with older people

No one left behind: Digital Scotland

SCVO-led online community around how to help those digitally excluded. Establishing a national digital emergency response team to find, equip, train & support households who currently lack access to the internet at home due to poverty or vulnerability

Screen usage guide

Covid-19 has meant that most of us are using technology and spending time in front of a screen increasingly. Here is a useful guide with tips to ensure that you take control of your screen time and create healthy habits.



Keeping well and finding support  - Outside the Box

A great selection of resources for supporting community connectedness & mental wellbeing as well as a range of practical resources e.g. for parents & families

Age Scotland website

A guide on practical ways to help older people and helpline information




Expanding the nursing workforce: safe and effective options - Nursing Times

A set of principles to apply to nursing students at this time to ensure safety and standards are upheld


Description of risk categories

Jason Leitch, Clinical Director at Scottish Government, describes different at risk groups and what they should do


Home working and coronavirus spam emails

Advice from Police Scotland on cybersecurity at this time


ACAS advice for employers and employees

Employment information relating to social isolation, sick pay, etc


Business continuity advice - Scottish Enterprise

A list of websites that give useful information on business continuity for employers & businesses

Coronavirus advice helpline for Scottish businesses

A new helpline to supply Scottish businesses with tailored advice on coronavirus. Open Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:30, based at Scottish Enterprise's call centre in Clydebank.





Care Inspectorate FAQs

Common questions received by the regulator in relation to Covid-19



Scottish Care issues open letter to politicians on social care immigration

Today (21 February) Scottish Care has issued on open letter to Jackson Carlaw MSP, Leader of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party,  from Scottish Care CEO, Dr Donald Macaskill.   It has also been issued to all other Scottish Party leaders.

The letter expresses Scottish Care’s profound concerns regarding the impact of the new immigration system on social care in Scotland. It calls for social care to be made an area of priority in order to ensure that we can continue to recruit social care workers from outwith Scotland.

You can read the open letter here.

For further information or to request an interview with Dr Macaskill, please email [email protected]

Scottish Care issues open letter to Finance Secretary

Today (5 February) Scottish Care has issued on open letter to Derek Mackay MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work regarding investment in the social care sector. 

Within the letter,  CEO Dr Donald Macaskill calls for serious focus to be given to protecting and increasing investment in social care at a time of genuine risk of system collapse, in advance of tomorrow’s Scottish Budget.

You can read the open letter here.

For further information or to request an interview with Dr Macaskill, please email [email protected]

Care home survey on SDS & private funders

Scottish Care as part of our continued work in developing a sustainable care home sector is undertaking a short survey and invites you to take part.

This survey on self-directed support and self-funders will play an important role in our ongoing strategy around the NCHC negotiations and wider sustainability.

You can access the survey and further information here: 

We would be very grateful if you could take some time to complete it or pass it to a colleague who is most connected to this area of your service. 

The closing date is 20 December.

EGM – 30 October

On 30th October at 1.00pm – 3.00pm at the Renfield Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting of the membership of Scottish Care to hear about the state of discussions on the National Care Home Contract,  the development of the Care Home Cost Model and to consider proposals from COSLA and partners.

This is an important meeting and all care home members are encouraged to attend. A full and detailed paper will be sent to members one week prior to the event and this will also be available on the Members section of the new website.

Please intimate your attendance at the EGM to [email protected] as soon as you can.