Apprenticeship Levy

In their Autumn Budget of 2015, the UK Government announced that the Apprenticeship Levy would come into effect from April 2017. This levy affects all UK employers with an annual payroll of more than three million pounds and will be used to fund new apprenticeships across all sectors.

To read Scottish Care’s briefing paper on the Apprenticeship Levy, click here.

The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy is having an impact on organisations. We are eager to ascertain the extent of this impact and the use of apprenticeships in general within the membership.

We have therefore issued a survey on the Apprenticeship Levy, which we are encouraging member organisations to take part in.

The survey can be accessed here:

Your responses will inform Scottish Care as to how we can best support members and advocate on their behalf in this area.

The survey will close on 1 September 2017.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Last Updated on 10th August 2017 by Scottish Care

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