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Age Scotland are now taking bookings for a series of learning services and workshops in October and November, to help support older workers; and to ready an organisation for an ageing workforce.


Planning Your Future Workshops – Helping your older workers decide if, when and how to retire.

Early Stage Dementia Awareness – Helping you and your staff understand dementia and prepare for its increasing impact on workplaces.

Open Workshop on Dementia, the Law and Workplace Good Practice – Wednesday 5 October, Edinburgh, £60 plus VAT per person

Age Awareness – Helping you and your staff understand the ageing process, how to avoid discriminating against older workers and prepare for an ageing workforce.

If one or more of these opportunities are of interest, or if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Jonathan Park
By phone: 07808 024807
By email: [email protected]


1. Planning for Your Future workshops

As people are able to choose their own retirement age and now have pension freedoms, we find there is a lot of uncertainty amongst people who are at the age of deciding when it is right for them to consider leaving full time employment. These freedoms also make succession planning more difficult for organisations who are unsure when their skilled people might decide to leave. Many people take this huge step unprepared and find that after a few months they are really struggling to come to terms with the changes their decision has brought.

Our Planning for Your Future workshops help people address this major decision and give them the tools they need to start planning. The workshop is one full day and is a unique opportunity for people to spend time with an Independent Financial Adviser, a Solicitor, a health professional and a careers advisor. The sessions are interactive with several group discussions to start people thinking about and planning for their future. Here is a sample of the topics we discuss:

· Coping with the changes that retirement bring to all aspects of life
· Can you afford to fund the lifestyle you want in retirement?
· How are you going to spend the 40+ extra free hours each week – both in summer and winter?
· Power of Attorney and wills – are you aware of the importance?
· Ways to keep socially and physically active once you leave your work colleagues behind
· If you are thinking about finding alternative employment – part-time, flexi, starting your own business or even volunteering, what does the job market look like in 2016, what are employers looking for and what are your routes to market?

Many people tell us they feel empowered to discuss their future with their employers following a workshop so it can open up lines of communication that were possibly inaccessible beforehand. If you would like to make this workshop available to your people, please give me a call.

Cost of workshop – £190 plus vat per delegate

Next workshops – Edinburgh 4th Oct, 7th Nov Glasgow 11th Oct, 15th Nov Dundee Oct TBC

How to book: By email: [email protected] or 0333 323 2400 or online –


2. Early Stage Dementia awareness (delivered in-house to a group of 10 minimum)

Dementia is a workplace issue.
Around 90,000 people in Scotland live with dementia, a number that will double in the next 25 years. As changes to retirement and state pension rules make working beyond age 65 common more people will experience early symptoms of dementia while in employment. Many workers are also unpaid carers for someone who has dementia. And a growing number of people who use your organisation’s products and services will be affected by dementia, directly or as a dementia carer.


We run two in-house half day sessions and also open sessions for individuals to attend:


Becoming a dementia aware workplace: (For an employee group at your premises)
· Half day: Suitable for all staff. Participants will learn about:
· Dementia; what it is, and why it’s relevant to the workplace
· The symptoms of dementia and how it can progress
· Communication with someone who is living with dementia: whether customer or employee
· The risk factors for dementia and how risks can be reduced


Dementia, law and workplace good practice: (For an employee group at your premises)
· Half day: Suitable for managers and those in HR roles. Participants will learn about:
· Employers’ legal obligations when someone has dementia, or is a carer from someone who is living with dementia
· Ways in which someone with dementia, or who is a dementia carer, may be supported to continue in employment
· Support available to employers and employees around dementia

For further information on our dementia awareness sessions including pricing please follow this link – Dementia Awareness Training


3. Open Workshop on Dementia, the Law and Workplace Good Practice (for individuals)

Where: Age Scotland, 160 Causewayside, Edinburgh, EH9 1PR
When: Wednesday 5 October: 10am-1pm.
Who: Suitable for staff with a personnel and/or people management role

How to book: By email: [email protected] or 0333 323 2400

Cost of workshop – £60 plus vat per person


4. Age Awareness in the workplace

Current projections suggest that the population of Scotland will rise to 5.7 million by 2039, and that the population will age significantly, with the number of people aged 65 and over increasing by 53% between 2014 and 2039. As people will increasingly be in a position where they have to work for longer, the way older workers are treated in the workplace will have increasing significance.

Our half day training session aims to:

• Consider best practice and make the most of your older workforce.
• ensure everyone in your workforce engages with and appreciates older colleagues and customers appropriately.
• ensure your organisation is age aware in compliance with current legislation – Equalities Act 2010.
• perhaps rethink/refresh your policy on older employees.
• Highlight how commonly discrimination and prejudices are experienced by older people and suggest ways to address these in the workplace.

Cost of workshop – £50 plus vat per person

How to book: By email: [email protected] or 0333 323 2400

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