Advice for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is an important day for many. This year we need to be doing things a bit differently.

If your mother or gran is in a care home unless she is palliative and at the end of life you will probably be refused a visit because it is non-essential. Remember we are seeking only essential visits to reduce the risks to residents and to keep them safe.

If you are giving a gift or present Health Protection Scotland colleagues have advised us that providing relatives are asymptomatic, and that you adhere to the advice around hand washing then the bringing in of gifts into the care home would not be a concern for transmission of COVID-19.  Please follow the advice on NHS Inform.

If you choose to visit an elderly or at risk relative in their own home then make sure you follow the same guidance – be asymptomatic, wash your hands, keep your distance, do not make any physical contact and when you leave your relative should wash the areas you might have touched etc.

Please keep in touch with your relatives and enjoy as much as you can a Mother’s Day which is highly unusual.