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Welcome to Workforce Matters

Where innovative, practical workforce solutions matter

Workforce Matters is the workforce planning & development arm of Scottish Care. We are committed to maximising the potential of the independent sector social care sector. Our work is funded by the Scottish Government and encompasses:

  • Support independent sector providers build their capacity for workforce development
  • Engage with the workforce at a local and national level to ensure the independent sector can contribute to policy and practice development
  • Support providers meet regulatory and registration requirements
  • Ensure providers are updated with the latest employment and workforce news

Our ultimate aim is to improve both the quality of life and outcomes for people in Scotland who receive care and support. We do this by working collaboratively with SSSC, Care Inspectorate and other colleagues on a variety of projects and consultation groups.

Knowledge, learning and involvement opportunities are shared with providers to ensure they feel informed and supported on issues relating to best practice, employment law, registration, regulatory requirements and a lot more.