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Providing thought leadership and developing a knowledge base in the area of technology and digital in social care. 

As a representative body we have enabled opportunities for the sector to engage in technology and digital through facilitated roundtables, collaborations with partners in innovative projects, commissioned academic design research and through our annual Care Tech event which is now in its fourth year.  

In addition to these areas of work, we have also articulated vision papers to drive forward change from a person-led perspective that emphasises the value of trust, relationships and partnerships across health and social care. These include our work on ‘A vision for technology and digital in social care’, a rights-based vision for social care data ‘Seeing the diamond in social care data and more widely our contribution to how we might conceptualise a National Care Service. 

Our aims for our work in this area of technology and digital in social care focuses on:  

  • Promoting and influencing a human rights framework and person-led approach to technology and digital design, development and integration  
  • Promoting the innovation and creative expertise of the independent social care sector by showcasing and profiling through practice-based examples   
  • Engaging in opportunities for partnership in technology, digital and innovation projects by facilitating collaborations between members and partners across academia, industry and national programmes.