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The details of Scottish Care’s new ethical commissioning and procurement project.

As a representative body, Scottish Care is continuously engaged in efforts to promote the perspective of the independent sector within the development of policy relevant to social care provision. As such, Scottish Care has commenced a new ‘Ethical Commissioning and Procurement’ project.

Funded by the Scottish Government as part of their co-design process for the creation of the National Care Service (NCS), this project will support the wider ambitions of ethical commissioning policy within the Government, and the application of recommendations from the Independent Review of Adult Social Care.

Scottish Care is committed to promoting best practice and improving the quality of social care and support for all individuals in Scotland. By collaborating with key stakeholders and conducting research on current practices, we aim to identify areas for improvement and develop a framework for ethical commissioning in social care in Scotland. Key to this framework will be bridging the implementation gap.

As efforts continue to progress the NCS Bill through parliament, this project represents another opportunity to ensure the insights of the independent sector are included with any national commissioning procedures introduced through the NCS.  This includes the role of ethically commissioned independent services in enabling the delivery of person-led care that emphasises the value of trust, relationships and partnerships across health and social care.

Scottish Care will be engaging with membership across the country through a series of facilitated workshops. This consultation will culminate in the development of a position paper, to be directly delivered to Scottish Government.

For any queries regarding the project, please contact our Policy Lead (Ethical Commissioning), Fraser Smith, via email ([email protected]) or phone (07398 503895).