A front-line care worker’s story on Covid-19

This was sent after the Prime Minister’s speech on Monday evening when obviously carers were rightfully scared.

Tracy is a carer on a double up run who works with Lucerne Scotland. These are her words:

“Just a little word from me with having this virus.

I found out last Saturday I had it, it was confirmed at the hospital.

I have never felt so crap in my life, a really bad strain of the cold or flu, depends how each individual reacts to it, well mines was pretty serious.

I’m still getting over it and hope to be back at work next week, symptoms are now starting to subside so there is light at the end of the tunnel, which is the important thing.  

I’ve followed all the advice there is and can honestly say as long as you don’t let all this pandemic and lockdown get into your head you will be fine. 

Stay strong, stay safe and remember why you do this job. We are naturally caring people that can deal with difficult situations, don’t let the virus win even if you are unfortunate to come down with it. Positive thinking is the key to progress and our clients will need us more than ever now. 

People will see carers differently after all of this passes and you should be proud of yourselves to be what is essentially going to be in the history books! 

I’ve been reading the constant shift cover messages since I’ve been off and the support you are giving each other and working extra hard to ensure the client’s needs have been met is just amazing. 

 It’s ok to feel scared but there is so much support out there just now for these circumstances you won’t be alone. 

I’m happy to give advice separately from this chat if it will help anyone that is feeling anxious. Telephone …….. if you need a chat, confidential of course.  

Take care all.”