Iriss: Bring Your Own Enquiry project


Iriss are seeking partners to work with around an explorative approach to organisational enquiry and action.

This Bring Your Own Enquiry (BYOE) project will support cross-organisational teams to collaboratively address and act on an issue that they have identified as a group. The project will initially be using a Community of Enquiry (CoE) approach to explore the experiences of those taking part and to build and develop a shared way forward. This approach is one that helps people go from sharing their own knowledge, to very quickly being able to develop consensus on an issue to be explored and acted upon. Iriss view this process as a way of blending their approach to innovation and evidence:

“Iriss sees innovation and evidence as being interwoven and engaged with through a reflective learning process. This weaving of innovation and evidence involves a ‘remix’ of ideas – ideas that have been copied, transformed and combined”

The BYOE project aims:

  • Support participating organisations to embed an enquiry-based approach
  • Encourage evidence use, gathering and creation
  • Develop and deliver individual action plans
  • Share lessons from the approach and the actions to a wider audience

Read more about BYOE on the Iriss website.

Note that the deadline for registering interest is Wednesday, 27 July 2016.

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